Process Development

Specific to the requirements of our project partner, various related process developements are to be carried out pertaining to the following areas of work:

  • Pyrolysis, including fractionated condensation of the products
  • Fluidised bed gasification (woody biomass, sewage…)
  • Staged gasification (woody biomass, straw, RDF - Refuse Derived Fuel…)
  • Gas purification for the separation of associated material and for the separation of carbon dioxide
  • Hot gas purification for various applications
  • Testing of various resources for gasification and gas purification
  • Integration of biomass gasification in industrial processes
  • Integration of biomass gasification with CO2-sequestration to develop advanced Power to Gas concepts

In order to do this, the following tools and mechanisms are used:

  • Existing test equipement
    • Large scale plants, like Güssing and Oberwart
    • Pilot plants
    • Test benches for processes and materials
    • Lab scale plants
  • Methods of gas evaluation
  • Calculation models
  • Design calculations
  • Diagnostics of overall systems, but also part systems