Press Releases

November 2020

The role of renewable fuels in reducing the climate impact of road transport

Experts from the IEA Bioenergy and Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programmes have analysed the role of renewable fuels to reduce the climate impact of road transport in a number of countries, including Germany, Sweden, Finland, the USA and Brazil. The analysis considered developments up to 2050, based on national policies, projections of the vehicle fleet, and on the availability of renewable transport fuels.  The work was supported by DG Energy of the European Commission.

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From Waste to Value

Construction has started on a new pilot plant in Vienna, Austria, which will demonstrate the conversion of waste materials into eco-friendly and carbon-neutral fuels. At the site of a hazardous waste incineration plant in the urban area of Vienna, BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies - will operate a novel process chain to generate and utilize a hydrogen-rich synthesis gas on an industrial scale. The plant is being built by the SMS Group.

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