Our Vision is to shape the transition to a sustainable and climate friendly bioeconomy!


In order to do so, we

  • develop and demonstrate processes and technologies supplying
    • green gas (raw syngas, methane, hydrogen and hythane)
    • green liquid fuels (diesel, kerosene and alcohols)
    • green platform chemicals (wax, acetic acid and alcohols)
    • green high value products (pigments) and
    • green carbon (biochar, bioreducer, …)

for the “defossilization”[1] of the energy system, the transportation sector and selected energy and resource intensive industrial sectors;

  • are the Centre of Competence for biomass, organic residues and waste based biorefineries and the biobased circular economy
  • integrate technologies and products into a sustainable energy and resource system and selected industrial sectors by means of advanced digital methods and solutions
  • perform applied / industry-driven research of high scientific ambition


  • Work at BEST is characterized by a high amount of trust, respect and openness for the ideas of others
  • The framework conditions offer a lot of flexibility and facilitate to combine personal and professional life
  • We count on a diverse team of unique people

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