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HyStore: HyTechonomy

The HyStore project examines alternative technologies for hydrogen storage. Currently, hydrogen is mainly stored as compressed gas in pressurized storage tanks or liquefied in liquefied gas storage facilities. The alternatives being investigated as part of the project HyStore include metal hydride storage, storing hydrogen in the natural gas grid and converting it into e-fuels. Metal hydride storage stands for the storage of hydrogen in a metallic material. In addition to the selection of suitable materials, efficient heat management during storage and and retrieval is of great importance. Another option for storage is the addition of hydrogen to the existing natural gas network. The focus here is on topics like material compatibility, thermodynamic and fluid mechanical aspects during feed-in and purification during feed-out. Another option for the storage of hydrogen is the conversion to e-fuels. These are synthetic fuels that can be easily stored in existing infrastructure. Thus, many of the problems of conventional hydrogen storage systems can be avoided, however, the production is very energy-intensive.

HyStore is a sub-project of HyTechonomy. You can find more information about HyTechonomy and its projects here:

  • Evaluation of different metal hydride storage systems for stationary applications
  • Investigations into feeding hydrogen into the existing natural gas pipeline network
  • Techno-economic evaluation of an innovative process chain for the production of e-fuels
  • Investigations into the direct use of e-fuels in combustion engines


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