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Assessment of the influencing and reduction potential on off-gassing of pellets during storage to increase storage security

Wood pellets may release various component during transportation and storage. Thus, relatively high concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and methane (CH4) may occur in pellet storages. Simultaneously, depletion of oxygen in the surrounding is observed. Increased concentrations of these gasses are harmful and may lead to human death. So far reasons for formation of these emissions, characteristics and amount of emitted gasses in long time studies, influence of various raw material used in pellet production and effectiveness of different safety measures in wood pellet storages were examined. The scientific working groups are focussed on various and partly identical research priorities using similar or totally different measuring methods.

Along the entire pellet supply chain a variety of possible influencing factors on the off-gassing behavior of pellets during storage has been analyzed. .

In the course of the project the already used national and international methods for the determination of the off-gassing behavior are to be summarized. The methods will be compared and evaluated in detail. On the basis of this consideration a meaningful and easily applicable method will be developed. Moreover the newly implemented method is used to comprehensively characterize the different wood and non-wood pellets available on the European market. Subsequently, the application of additives in pellet production for the desired reduction in the formation of emissions during storage will be analyzed. Furthermore, various process settings (such as the raw material conditioning, pelletizing process or any after-treatment) will be varied and analyzed in terms of the quantitative impact on the off-gassing behavior.

The project enables to work up the already gained as well as newly generated knowledge systematically. The results will be evaluated and interpreted which aims at publishing in scientific journals. Hence, the scientific publications will support the scientific reputation of BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH and simultaneously strengthen the Technopol Wieselburg.


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