Gas Applications

BEST - Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH pursues the gas applications for various application areas:

  • Product gas from industrial processes
  • CHP from product gas
  • Synthetic gas processing

Out of the possible pallet of uses of product gases from biomass gasification for industrial processes, the implementation of blast furnaces is to be closely investigated in the framework of BEST.

For the current traditional combined heat and power by means of gas engine plants, the continuous investigation of product gases is to be carried out concerning its quality and the quality of the constituent product gas. The specific requirements for the motor operation are to be adhered to and the pollutant and emission relevant substances are to be determined based on the combustion characteristics. Various research projects include the operation of gas engine plants.

In addition to this direct use of energy, the use of product gas as synthetic gas brings a promising area of application. With this application, pipeline-bound (SNG) and storable liquid energy sources as well as raw material (Methanol, FT-Fuels) can be made available.

The actual focusses of the R&D in the area of synthesis gas conversion are:

  • Methanation to convert biomass into BioSNG (synthetic natural gas)
  • Production of diesel and kerosene by Fischer Tropsch synthesis
  • Synthesis of mixed alcohols over sulphur resistant catalysts
  • Production of hydrogen from biomass
  • Polygeneration concepts for separation of valuable components, such as hydrogen, ethylene or methane, with parallel operation of a CHP