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A new innovative CFD-based optimisation method for biomass combustion plants

Published 2013

Citation: Shiehnejadhesar A, Schulze K, Scharler R, Obernberger I. A new innovative CFD-based optimisation method for biomass combustion plants. Biomass Bioenergy. 2013;53:48-53.


In this paper, the work on the development and test of a basic design tool for the automatic performance of parameter studies for the optimisation of biomass combustion plants is presented. The model consists of parameterisation and optimisation routines linked with an in-house developed empirical packed bed combustion model as well as gas phase CFD models especially adapted for biomass grate furnaces. To test and verify the routine developed, it has been applied to the optimisation of a 180 kWth pilot-scale grate furnace. The main focus was on the minimisation of CO emissions and the pressure loss by changing the diameter and angle of the secondary air nozzles. The simulation results show that the time of the optimisation process can be reduced considerably by the automatic routine developed and the evaluation of several independent design parameters is possible. This new procedure forms an important milestone towards automatic CFD-based furnace and boiler optimisations in the future. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

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