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Modelling of grate combustion in a medium scale biomass furnace for control purposes

Published 2010

Citation: Bauer R, Gölles M, Brunner T, Dourdoumas N, Obernberger I. Modelling of grate combustion in a medium scale biomass furnace for control purposes. Biomass Bioenergy. 2010;34(4):417-27.


A new mathematical model for the grate combustion of biomass has been derived from physical considerations. Various models for grate combustion can already be found in the literature. Usually their intention is to simulate the real situation in a furnace as precisely as possible. Hence they are very detailed, typically consisting of many partial differential equations. However, because of their complexity they are useless for control purposes. The new model is very simple, consisting of only two ordinary differential equations, which makes it particularly suitable as a basis for model based control strategies. To verify the model, experiments were performed at a pilot scale furnace with horizontally moving grate. The pilot plant is a downscaled version (180 kWth) of a typical medium scale furnace in terms of geometry and instrumentation. Comparison of the measured and calculated values shows good agreement. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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