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Techno-economic modelling of bioeconomy value chains

Fuhrmann Marilene

Published 2020

Citation: Dißauer C, Fuhrmann M, Strasser C, Enigl M, Matschegg D. Techno-economic modelling of bioeconomy value chains. 6th Central European Biomass Conference. 2020. Graz.


In the context of Austria´s and the EU´s ambitious goals to combat climate change by reducing the demand for fossil fuels in all sectors, many industries plan to increase the share of renewable energy in their production processes. Furthermore greenhouse gases shall be reduced by 36 % until 2030 (compared to 2005), which means another 14 Mio. tons CO2eq will have to be reduced per year in comparison to data from 2016. In doing so, some industries find it sufficient to use green electricity or green gas from the grid, but for some industries the use of biomass is particularly interesting. In particular, the wood-based economy as an essential part of the Austrian bio-based economy is needed to promote the development of sustainable production and sustainable energy generation. Besides the increasing demand for woody biomass, the supply side will also undergo substantial changes since increasing calamities (such as bark beetle infestation and windthrow) caused by climate change will affect the wood supply to a varying extend. Hence, within the project “BioEcon” the BIOENERGY 2020+ team together with industry partners analyses the effects of these developments on the wood-based economy and the corresponding supply chains in terms of economic and technological perspectives including econometric models to evaluate woody biomass supply and demand.

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