Contracted Research

An important pillar of BEST is the contracted research that is predominantly situated in the research areas of our COMET program. In addition, themes of basic and applied research as well as market research and development questions are to be dealt with combined with the execution of technology monitoring.

Where does the capital for contracted research come from?

  • Direct commissioning through clients
  • Various national and international research and technology programmes

In the context of cooperative projects together with companies we assume the leadership and coordination of all intermediate steps, ranging from the application to the necessary project reporting up to the realisation of the protection strategy (patents etc.) for the project results.


Technology Monitoring

Technology monitoring is a type of project that we conduct in the framework of contracted work. We provide long-term investigations and accompanying scientific research in order to minimize the risks of the implementation of new technologies and products while simultaneously mapping the marketability or necessary improvements.
Reference projects:

  • Corn Energy Monitoring by order of the Lower Austrian Government
  • Plant Energy Monitoring in collaboration with the Upper Austrian Biomass Association

In both projects the monitoring (emission, efficiencies) of small combustion systems with agricultural fuels is to be undertaken over several heating seasons. At the end of the respective project there are corrosion tests to carry out concluding evaluations of different fuels and types of combustion systems.