With our consulting services we address the technology contractors and investors as well as banks, public organisations, and sponsor agencies. In this context we provide studies and expertise.

Strategic Consulting

  • Strategic consulting to support investment and sponsorship decisions
  • Consulting for the development of market strategies
  • Market, branch and concurrent analyses
  • Analysis of scientific and technological products

A valuable foundation is our excellent market knowledge that we owe to our solid position in the national and international biomass industry.

Technical Consulting

  • Consultancy for technology contractors on the development of new technologies
  • Consultancy for the realization of market-ready products
  • Consulting services for the creation and validation of concepts
  • Consultancy for the solution of detailed problems

Systematic Consulting
In order to round off the consulting advice we provide presentations of innovative processes or training for our customers in the methods expertise.


Studies and Expertise

With the creation of studies and expertise in our fields of study, we support private and public clients with investment, funding and political decisions as well as with technical decisions.

Our clients so far have been:

  • Bureau of the Burgenland Provincial Government
  • Bureau of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government
  • SFG
  • Numerous Boiler Manufacturers
  • Klima-aktiv Wood Heat
  • Federal Ministry for Science and Work
  • Austrian Energy Agency

Public Accessible Studies include the following:

  • Emissions balance of small power wood combustion system in Lower Austria – a printed version of the study can be ordered on reimbursement of the printing costs
  • Study “nawaro:aktiv”: Study of the green house gas relevance of the material use of renewable fuels - request by e-mail