Sustainable Supply and Value Chains

Scope of Services SUBAREA 5.1:

Survey of biomass resources

  • Assessment of potentials, development of logistics and supply chain concepts

Development and investigation of pre-treatment and upgrading technologies

  • Mechanical technologies: shredding, sorting, pelletization; thermal technologies: drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis

Ecological evaluation

  • Calculation of greenhouse gas balances through to complete life-cycle assessment (LCA)

Techno-economic evaluation of biobased value chains

  • Evaluations for innovative bioenergy value chains, e.g. based on torrefied biomass and for alternative utilization paths, e.g. biorefineries

Market analysis

  • Analysis of bioenergy and bioeconomy markets, stakeholder surveys, compilation of market and price models including scenario modelling

Networking and support for market launch

  • Networking and information dissemination at the national and international level (e.g. IEA/AMF Secretariat, participation in IEA Bioenergy)

Knowledge dissemination

Developing and presenting customized training and workshops for different target audiences (children and young people, end users, decision-makers, experts, engineers)