Services of Area 3

Especially for new value chains or value cycles that need to be optimized we provide answers and solutions to the following questions:

  • What resources are available and what treatment/conversion methods must be applied to enable industries to replace their fossil resources with renewable ones?
  •  What are the non-technical barriers and supporting factors for potential bioeconomy solutions?
  • How can the total added value be increased for a specific raw material or residue (e.g. deciduous wood, sewage sludge)?
  • How are the different value cycles linked to each other?
  • How is sustainability evaluated in all three dimensions (ecological, economic, social)?
  • How can we consider the needs of end customers in R&D projects?


Survey of biomass resources
Assessment of potentials, development of logistics and supply chain concepts

Ecological evaluation
Calculation of greenhouse gas balances through complete life-cycle assessment (LCA)

Techno-economic evaluation
For innovative value cycles such as biochar from biogenic residues.

Evaluation of social aspects
Assessment of social risks, assessment of job effects

Market analysis and analysis of end users
Analysis of bioeconomy and energy markets, stakeholder surveys, creation of market and price models including scenario creation, application of the concept of "gendered innovation"

Networking and support for market uptake
Networking and information dissemination at the national and international level (e.g. IEA/AMF Secretariat, participation in IEA Bioenergy)

Knowledge dissemination
Developing and presenting customized training and workshops for different target audiences (children and young people, end users, decision-makers, experts, engineers)

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