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Sustainable biorefineries and digitalization

Published 18 January 2023

Citation: Schwabl M, Wopienka E, Drosg B, Kuba M, Weber G, Eßl M, Gölles M, Kaiermayer V, Liedte P, Fuhrmann M. BEST-Day: Sustainable biorefineries and digitalization. 7th Central European Biomass Conference CEBC 2023. 18. January 2023. Graz. Oral Presentation.


List of presentations:


  • Learnings from biomass combustion towards future bioenergy applications (M. Schwabl)
  • Green Carbon perspectives for regional sourcing and decarbonization (E. Wopienka)
  • Bioconversion processes for renewable energy and/or biological carbon capture and utilisation (B. Drosg)
  • Second generation biomass gasification: The Syngas Platform Vienna – current status and outlook (M. Kuba)
  • Utilization of syngas for the production of fuel and chemicals – recent developments and outlook (G. Weber)

Digital methods, tools and sustainability

  • Evaluation of different numerical models for the prediction of NOx emissions of small-scale biomass boilers (M. Eßl)
  • Digitalization as the basis for the efficient and flexible operation of renewable energy technologies (M. Gölles)
  • Smart Control for Coupled District Heating Networks (V. Kaisermayer)
  • Integrated energy solutions for a decentral energy future - challenges and solutions (P. Liedtke)
  • Wood-Value-Tool: Techno-economic assessment of the forest-based sector in Austria (M. Fuhrmann)

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