Automation and Control

The overall goal of this Subarea is to develop advanced control and automation strategies to support the transition of our energy and resource system to an efficient, sustainable and integrated system. Smart control solutions are designed to achieve flexible and efficient operation and optimal interaction between different facilities, technologies and sectors. We follow an integrated approach taking all control levels into account (component, technology/ plant, system) with a special focus on the interfaces between these levels with the aim to ensure flexible and efficient operation of the overall system.
Our methodological approach is based on developing mathematical models for the individual components and facilities in order to ensure a wide field of applications. At the same time, special attention is paid to considering the entire product development chain – from initial phenomenological investigations and the development of basic methods and concepts through to demonstration plants and market introduction by our company partners.

Our expertise

  • Mathematical modelling
  • Numerical simulation
  • Methods for online estimation of non-measurable quantities
  • Model-based control of components, technologies/plants and systems
  • Comprehensive strategies for operation optimization
  • Modular, integrated, optimization-based energy and resource management

Fields of activity

  • Thermochemical biomass conversion
    • Combustion and gasification
    • Fixed-bed and fluidized-bed reactors
  • Biotechnological biomass conversion
  • Syntheses
  • Thermal engineering
    • Solar thermal (+ long-term storage)
    • Heat pumps
    • Heating networks (hydraulic heat distribution systems in general)
    • District heating plants
    • SIL/HIL development environments for heat generators
  • Industrial production processes