Modelling and Simulation

The Centre’s expertise covers the development, validation and application of innovative simulation tools for developing and optimising new technologies for the energetic utilisation of a broad spectrum of biomass fuels. BEST has many years of experience in CFD modelling and in the implementation of reaction kinetics and thermodynamic simulations. These modelling techniques form the basis for the step-wise and continuous development of advanced, multidimensional models, following the vision of developing the virtual biomass conversion plant.

Model development in subarea modelling and simulation is driven by industry demand and currently deals with the following topics:

  • Thermal conversion of solid biomass
  • Ash-related problems
  • Gas phase reactions and emissions
  • Tailor-made software development

In addition to developing models, BEST has many years of experience in applying the models to support technology developments and plant optimisation. Such work was carried out in close cooperation with the other areas in the centre and the company partners in order to ensure a targeted performance of the simulations and the efficient and applicable implementation of their results.