Automation and Control

Scope of Services SUBAREA 5.3:

Measurement and automation technology

  • Measurement of process variables relevant for control purposes and implementation of model-based control algorithms in basic automation systems
  • Testing and test bench automation for targeted test runs

Modelling of dynamic characteristics

  • Development and parametrization of mathematical models describing dynamic characteristics as a basis for model-based control strategies

Simulation of dynamic behaviour

  • Numerical simulation of the dynamic behaviour of the investigated processes and systems (primarily used as a tool for control development)

Signal processing and signal analysis

  • Processing and analysis of signals with the aim to extract valuable information using methods of digital signal processing, statistics, informatics etc.

Control development

  • Development of (model-based) controllers for thermochemical, thermal and biotechnological processes and systems

Online estimation of non-measurable quantities

  • Design of estimators (also referred to as observers or soft sensors) for process variables not measurable during operation (also suitable for monitoring and fault diagnostics)

Numerical optimization – optimization-based energy and resource management systems

  • Development of modular optimization-based energy and resource management systems ensuring optimal interaction between different facilities and technologies

Self-learning forecasting methods

  • Self-learning methods for forecasting future yields of volatile energy sources (e.g. photovoltaic or solar thermal) and future energy demands (e.g. electricity, heat)

Implementation and validation

  • Practical implementation of the methods developed (i.e. controllers, soft sensors, energy management systems etc.) in collaboration with our company partners
  • Evaluation of the process control and operating behaviour achieved

Know-how transfer

  • Support and training for company partners throughout the development phase up to market maturity