Scope of Services SUBAREA 5.2:

Development of optimization-based energy planning tools

  • Mixed-integer linear or linearized optimization methods are combined with load flow analyses to determine the optimal distribution of decentralized technologies (e. g. PV, battery storage, heat pumps, CHP, electric mobility etc.) in the distribution network, energy community or industry.

Design of energy systems

  • OptEnGrid, an advanced design and optimization software for decentralized energy systems developed by BEST, allows comprehensive technology-neutral analyses to be carried out for any site. The results can be used to derive measures for the test systems analysed. These include concepts for the energy system, the control system and an assessment of the economic and ecological potential.

Integrated microgrid control

  • Predictive control systems based on the IEEE 2030.7 standard are being developed and deployed. In this context, the research area also focuses on electricity market topics and optimal action strategies for energy providers and market participants

Testing and optimization of microgrid controllers in the Microgrid Lab

  • The algorithms and control units developed can be tested and optimized in our in-house laboratory. The Microgrid Research Lab in Wieselburg combines scientific know-how with implementation and application expertise in product development for new services.