Bioconversion & Biogas Systems

The biotechnological conversion of biomass to energy and/or materials enables a cascading and sustainable use of resources. We develop biotechnological methods for converting residues (CO2, wastewater, industrial and agricultural residues, digestates, manure, …) to a broad range of different products including energy carriers (gaseous or liquid), basic chemicals (alcohols, acetic acid, …), high-quality products for the chemical industry (bioplastics, pigments) or biofertilizers. Another focus is on the development of efficient energy and waste management concepts for medium and large-sized companies.

Our key areas include:

  • Biogas technology
  • Recycling of industrial and agricultural residues
  • Algae biotechnology
  • Gas fermentation (e.g. based on CO2)
  • Wastewater technology
  • Biofertilizer production