Process Optimisation Engineering

BEST offers analyses and advising for the optimisation of existing technologies.

Our target is to provide custom consulting and solutions for individual requests of plant operators. In doing so, BEST accompanies its costumers from the procedural analysis, to the technologic and economic solutions and finally to the practical implementation and operation of the overall plant.

  • Within process optimisation and engineering, our activities encompass the following fields:
  • Procedural analysis of weak points in the existing plant systems resulting in a derived catalogue of measures for plant optimisation, e.g. for increase of yield and capacity
  • Extension of the resource spectrum
  • Increasing the level of automation as well as the optimisation of control technologies
  • Concepts for the efficient treatment and processing of by-products
  • Technology integration
  • Advising and investigations regarding the selection of material and its resistance considering various raw materials, products and intermediate products
  • Conception and implementation of the physical and chemical analyses (mass and energy balances for overall plant systems)
  • Procedural planning

According to the individual costumer demand, we continuously apply new process solutions from the R&D fields of BEST [Link Bio-diesel, Vegetable oil, Bio-ethanol].