Biogas Upgrading

The utilisation of biogas as a transportation fuel is an interesting alternative as opposed to the common gas firing in combined heat and power plants [Link Biogas].

BEST deals with the upgrading of biogas to natural gas quality (according to Austrian directive ÖVGW G31 / G33) and its supply into the natural gas grid, making biogas available for mobile application.
BEST has already successfully demonstrated an upgrading process with the use of a gas permeable membrane within a 180 m³/h biogas stream in a large-scale biogas plant.
Simulations provide the basis for further development and the increase of the efficiency of the membrane-upgrading technology optimised in BEST.

Beyond that, crucial development issues of BEST include the further optimisation of the methane yield in biogas production, reduced energy demand as well as the prevention of methane losses within the upgrading process.