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Application of numerical modelling to biomass grate furnaces

Mehrabian R, Shiehnejadhesar A., Scharler R

Published 05.2015

Citation: Mehrabian R, Shiehnejadhesar A., Scharler R. Application of numerical modelling to biomass grate furnaces. Internation conference on advances in mechanical engineering, Istanbul 2015.


The direct combustion of the biomass is the most advanced and mature technology in the field of energetic biomass utilisation. The legislations on the amount of emitted pollutants and the plant efficiency of biomass combustion systems are continually being restricted. Therefore constant improvement of the plant efficiency and emission reduction is required Numerical modelling is gaining increasing importance for the development of biomass combustion technologies. In this paper an overview about the numerical modelling efforts deal with the most relevant phenomena in biomass grate firing systems is given. The numerical modelling results in a deeper understanding of the underlying processes in biomass combustion plants. Therefore, it leads to a faster and safer procedure of development of a new technology.

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