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Characterisation of Jatropha curcas seeds and oil from Mali

Published 2012

Citation: Rathbauer J, Sonnleitner A, Pirot R, Zeller R, Bacovsky D. Characterisation of Jatropha curcas seeds and oil from Mali. Biomass Bioenergy. 2012;47:201-10.


This publication deals with the characterisation of Jatropha curcas seeds and the oil obtained hereof. The analyzed seeds have been harvested from hedges and plantations in the regions of Teriya Bugu and Bla in Mali in the years 2009 and 2010. The oil is obtained through solvent extraction. Parameters analyzed are those which are relevant for processing of the oil into fatty acid methyl ester (FAME, biodiesel), and include acid value, fatty acid profile and contents of S, P, K, Na, Ca and Mg. All oil samples are suitable for processing into biodiesel, but some of them require pre-treatment because of high contents of free fatty acids and phosphorous. The margin of deviation of acid value and element contents throughout the oil samples depends on the way of cultivation, harvest and storage of the Jatropha curcas plants and seeds. Despite high acid values, all oil samples show high oxidation stability. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

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