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Challenges in small-scale combustion of agricultural biomass fuels

L. Carvalho, J. Lundgren, E. Wopienka

Published 2008

Citation: Carvalho L, Lundgren J, Wopienka E. Challenges in small-scale combustion of agricultural biomass fuels. International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment. 2008;9(1-3):127-42.


Straw, Miscanthus, maize, and horse manure were reviewed in terms of fuel characteristics. They were tested in existing boilers, and the particulate and gaseous emissions were monitored. The ash was analyzed for the presence of sintered material. All the fuels showed problems with ash lumping and slag formation. Different boiler technologies showed different operational performances. Maize and horse manure are problematic fuels regarding NOx and particulate emissions. Miscanthus was the best fuel tested. Due to the big variation of fuel properties and therefore combustion behavior of agricultural biomass, further R&D is required to adapt the existing boilers for these fuels.

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