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LowCostEmissionStove: Development of a new, cost-effective stove technology with lowest emissions

Pellet and log wood stoves are still very popular. However, these have the disadvantage that they are often relatively expensive to purchase or problematic with regard to their pollutant emissions.

The aim of this project was the development of a new stove technology that is characterised by low pollutant emissions and high efficiency at a very low price.

To achieve this goal, a new type of pellet supply system was developed and integrated into the overall system. The development and optimisation of the stove technology was performed with test runs with accompanying emission measurements and CFD simulations. For this purpose, a new detailed and flexible CFD-based stove model was developed, which enables the simulation of pellet combustion and transient log wood combustion.

In the course of the project, it was possible to develop a very attractive pellet stove with low electricity consumption and a pellet stove based on natural convection which differ significantly in price from comparable technologies regarding the low emission values achieved.


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