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Modular Simulation Framework

The use of biomass or biogenic waste is increasingly shifting from purely energetic use for electricity and heat generation to the production of fuels, green gas or biocoal. The plant technology required for this consists of a large number of interconnected reactors, filters, adsorbers or other process engineering modules, so that the overall system reaches a high degree of complexity. For the design and optimisation of these plants, process simulation software is usually used to calculate the material and energy flows statically or dynamically. The individual modules of the overall system as an representations of the reactors or plant components are embodied in simplified form as 0D or 1D components and made available in libraries. New module prototypes in the system have to be modelled and parameterised on the basis of simplified submodules.

In the Modular Simulation Framework project, detailed CFD simulations will be used for the modelling and parameterization of new module prototypes. The aim is to develop a methodology for transferring 3D simulation data into simplified 0D/1D models that can be used in a standardised development environment (IPSE Pro).


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