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Alps4GreenC: Implementation pathways for sustainable Green Carbon production in the Alpine Region

The Alps4GreenC project, funded by INTERREG Alpine Space, aims at setting-the-scene for transnational utilization of biomass residues in the Alpine region, with a focus on Northern Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The project researches biomass conversion opportunities and transnational biochar value chains. Activities comprise:

  • Mapping of stakeholders & resources,
  • Crowdsourcing campaign to collect biomass residues and raise awareness
  • Testing and piloting of biochar production
  • Context & Gap analysis for green carbon supply

It is the first time that a transnational project for the establishment of biochar value chain takes place in the Alpine region. The project is led by NIC, the National Institute of Chemistry of Slovenia. The main role of BEST is to carry out pyrolysis tests (at lab and pilot scale) on the residues collected from the crowdsourcing campaign.


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