Fuel Evaluation

The practical applicability of the fuel is to be evaluated in combustion experiments in a laboratory reactor, in commercially available combustion system or in the individual experimental systems.

In the laboratory reactor, the emission behaviour of nitrogen oxide precursor chemicals is to be particularly evaluated by means of an IR-spectroscope. In the framework of a long-term test, the emissions (Standard: O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, TOC, (fine) dust; also HCl on request) and efficiency of the combustion system are to be determined under controlled test conditions at the test station.

Ash and, if required, refined slag are to be extracted as samples for further investigation. By means of deposit sensors the formation of deposits is recorded, quantified and characterised. Corrosion of fire-resistant materials and heat exchangers is investigated in the framework of long-term experiments. The results are also delivered in the form of a report. Similar measurements can also be carried out on field devices and industrial plants in practical operation.

Contact Persons

Elisabeth Wopienka                                                                      

Manuel Schwabl