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Technology mapping of market-available small-scale combustion appliances

Published 2019

Citation: Feldmeier S, Wopienka E, Schwarz M, Pfeifer C. Technology mapping of market-available small-scale combustion appliances. 27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (Poster). 2019.


A broad range of different biomass combustion appliances dedicated to domestic heating is available on the market. Depending on the technology the impact of varying properties of biomass fuels on slag formation and emission release may vary. Aspects as the design of the grate section and the selection of individual boiler components as well as operational settings determine the applicability of biomass fuels. Apart from fuel properties also the fuel load on the grate, residence time, air distribution and geometry of grate and combustion chamber affect the degree of slag formation and emission release. Technology indexes determined by means of constructional measures enable a systematic comparison and – in a further step – an assessment of combustion appliances. In this work specific technology indexes were specified and applied to compare technological aspects, which will prospectively allow investigating the technological influence on the combustion performance.

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