Gas Production

BEST investigates the current and relevant processes for the conversion of biogenic raw material into product gas or synthetic gas

  • Pyrolysis
  • Fluidised bed gasification
  • Staged Gasification

Pyrolysis is a thermal transformation process without an external oxygen supply. The process is interesting to examine both as its own process and as a sequence of process sub-steps. Experimental plants in the laboratory and on the pilot scale aim to determine the process parameters, especially the product distribution (gaseous, liquid, solid), as well as balancing of the processes and the process stages.

Through fluidised bed gasification on the medium and large scale, biomass can be converted into a valuable product gas and/or synthetic gas. Fluidised bed gasification has been established on an industrial scale in the biomass plants in Güssing and Oberwart in the form of endothermic gasification by means of water vapour. Applied research on these plants is to be carried out for the further development and optimisation of the processes.

BHKW Güssing BHKW Oberwart
CHPs in Güssing and Oberwart

Staged gasification is used to optimise the processes by implementing different boundary conditions. A pilot plant is used in order to investigate the gasification of fuel with slagging. After the high temperature gasification, the separation of dust, sulphur and chlorine components is investigated; the test plant allows the gasification, hot gas purification and direct application of the raw gas on a catalyst.